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Executive Chef Ara Malekian, created the vision of ARACAN Kitchen to fill a demanding niche in the food service industry — A Chef-Helmed mobile kitchen preparing gourmet meals on the go. With his various experience performing large-scale events, he recognized the immediate benefits of having on-location gourmet kitchens. By cooking the food on-site, the meals' "freshness" is at its peak. In addition, an on-site kitchen enables the Chef to prepare complex menu items which cannot be sitting in warming trays or prepared from an off-site location then transported an hour later. Serving a fresh meal means cooking it now and serving it now. The key ingredient is to cook on-site.


Your Event. Our Specialty. A Taste-Full Combination.

Aracan Gourmet Catering

Executive Chef Ara possesses over 20+ years of Catering Event Planning. Large or small, grand or simple, elaborate dinner menus to buffet-style food service, Aracan Kitchen possesses a broad array of experience to prepare your next dining event. The experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. Chef Ara's enthusiasm and zeal has led him to handle large-scale events with guests numbering the hundreds or small more intimate settings for parties with less than 20 guests. While his time in California exposed him to decadent celebrity event settings, Chef Ara has always focused on high-end meals which require precision prep work and cooking. These meals are the cornerstone to any memorable event. Now he brings his unique culinary insights to plan events for people of all walks of Texas life. From casual dining to fine dining, Chef Ara has a menu to capture your next event while satisfying the appetites of all your guests.



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